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Many people living with emotional difficulties or a mental health problem can be left feeling like they have lost all hope & mastery in their life. We may even feel that we have somehow lost a sense of who we are, as a person, especially if we make comparisons with others or how our life was before we felt this way.  

But we all have it within us to rebuild our lives, despite where we have come from & what we have experienced. 





Here at promise we really do believe

in recovery & we support others to find their own strength & hope to feel the same.

Promise was founded by Gemma Krier-Mead in the spring of 2015, we are based in central Kingston in South West London and in Harley Street, Central London in the United Kingdom.  We came up with the idea for Promise as we wanted to offer people something a little different.  Having the support from your Therapist whenever & wherever you need it, with face to face sessions or on the web, your mobile or tablet. You can choose how you want to stay in touch with us & for how often, whether it's seeing your Therapist in person at one of our private practices, or with Skype, Instant Messaging or phone Therapy, even a combination of them all! Giving you choices of what you feel is most helpful for you is really important to us & it's this choice that makes us a little different.       


People come to us with all kinds of different difficulties, some people have a diagnosis of a mental health problem, whilst others may not, other people come because they care for someone in their life whom has emotional issues & they would like to know how to help them better, whilst looking after themselves too.  Making the decision to have the support of a Therapist can feel, especially if it's the first time, a little daunting.  So seeing your Therapist in the comfort of your home with skype or phone, can make things feel a little easier.  There's none of those awkward feelings, that we all can feel, as we sit in a waiting room or walk into a treatment or therapy clinic.     


Here at Promise we believe it's important for you to make sense of your difficulties in such a way that feels right for you.  Your Therapist can help you see how your problems may have developed over time & what kinds of things are keeping them going in the here & now.  You will get to discover & try out the different ways you can overcome whatever it is you are facing.  People often find that by doing this, they learn new & better ways of seeing themselves too.  You can choose to see your Therapist for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Mindfulness, over Skype or with Instant Messaging.  Many people have found these kinds of support so helpful & there is much research that tells us the same. You don't need any kind of special software either to stay in touch with us, you can talk with  us securely, with our instant messaging.  


Our Therapists are qualified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy & Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy & receive on-going training & supervision. Therapists are members of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy.  They have pre-existing mental health professions & they are registered with their appropriate professional body in the United Kingdom. So they hold a Bachelor of Science Degree with a Post Graduate Diploma or a Masters Degree in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with additional qualifications in Mindfulness.  All our therapists have at least ten years post qualifying experience, this means that they have many years behind them of supporting people with a range of mental health problems.  Our Peer Listener's have on-going training & supervision.  You are welcome to Get in Touch with us & ask about our Therapist's or Peer Listener's credentials. What you share with your Therapist or Peer Listener is just between the two of you, sharing in confidence is really important.  All of these things help your Peer Listener or Therapist support you in a way that is safe & effective.  Take a look at our Terms & Conditions to find out more.


People can feel a sense of shame when facing emotional or mental health difficulties, this is quite natural to feel this way, especially if we have found that friends, family or work colleagues are treating us differently.  Perhaps you have found that your confidence has been really knocked.  Sometimes learning about a diagnosis can feel really hard too.  We see people as their very own experts, whom are simply seeking the expertise of another. Our message is one of hope.  After all, this is why we called ourselves Promise, as we all have promise within us to re-build our lives again; so welcome to Promise.




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© 2023 Therapy@Promise

 Founder | Gemma Krier-Mead BA (Hons) BSc (Hons) RMN PgDip CBT Cert MBCT Regd MBACP     


 Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist | Mindfulness Practitioner


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